Buyers Agent Platinum Package

Smarthouse Property Buyers Advocate Service

Modern apartment interiorSick and tired house hunting?  Is your time just too valuable and busy with those things that are key to your success in other areas? Let SmartHouse Property Buyers Advocate Services deal with the buying nightmare and the agent’s pestering.  SmartHouse sorts out what meets your stated requirements and objectives to get to the hub of the matter.  You do what you do well, let SmartHouse do what we do best for you.  Its quicker easier and in the long run a whole lot cheaper.

What’s included: Once we meet and ascertain your needs and requirements and clearly understand what you want to achieve from the move, we go into action.  There is the initial surveying of the market and looking for the properties that best suit your requests.  Then there is the inspections the briefings and comparisons; the decisions and the current pricing the bidding and the protracted

negotiations; In conjunction with all this we endeavour to remove the uncertainty and the doubt associated with buying the next home or investment, not to mention the fear of commitment (well perhaps I can’t fix that, but we can help to clearly make the right decision against in the current market.)

The Platinum Buyers Advocate Service package is best suited for overseas or interstate buyers, time poor investors or people that are used to the very best in service and advice.

Call us to discuss all our Buyers Agent services and what it is that we can do for you and we can tailor a Buyer Advocate package structured to best suit your needs.

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