To achieve a truly satisfying outcome any negotiation needs a win-win strategy

The days of American style negotiation rationale, where one party is victorious over another will not lay the foundations of a viable long term relationship and satisfaction for all parties concerned.  Unless there is a common consensus as to the needs of all involved there may be an imbalance in the negotiation and some or all of the gains could be lost.  In essence “burning” one party usually effects the outcomes of the all the others involved.

A crystal clear focus by SmartHouse Property in negotiating on your behalf, is to take the time to research, question and identify what is critical to the client’s requirements.  Without knowing what are the key factors of success for you then we can never achieve your goals and objectives in negotiating a successful sale or a purchase.

This style of negation can often take time but the results are worth it as the outcomes often invariably exceed the clients expectations. Click on the links below to see our Buyers Agent and Vendor Advocate services available.

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