SmartHouse Property Offers Services as Buyers Advocate in Melbourne

Balwyn, Victoria (January 23, 2015) - SmartHouse Property Services, a successful niche property advisory company, is offering to serve as a buyers advocate in Melbourne and Country Victoria. The company offers to represent buyers or sellers during the whole or part of the transaction process, with the aim of getting the best outcome for the client.

SmartHouse Property Services takes a different approach with its services. As opposed to other advisory companies, SmartHouse provides personalised service by working with only a certain number of clients at a time, ensuring one on one focus for their property. By not convincing client’s what to buy or sell, the company creates personalised services that better fit the client’s needs, budget, and objectives.

Whether it’s representing clients during a whole real estate transaction or simply consulting, the process is made easy by using SmartHouse. Using their knowledge and experience of real estate in Melbourne, the company works to manage the process of buying or selling and make sure the client’s best interest is always taken into account with every step taken.

Along with helping clients assess the many different properties available in their chosen area, SmartHouse also offers remote services to clients who prefer to forego face-to-face meetings. The company’s clients range from independent property owners to large corporations. They serve the Eastern Suburbs and metropolitan Melbourne area, as well as areas like Kew and Camberwell.

For more information, SmartHouse Property Services can be reached by telephone: 61 3 9859 2020 or by mobile: 0409 88 68 78 or by visiting

About SmartHouse Property Services

Established in 1999, SmartHouse Property Services began as a boutique property practice, offering personal service to high-end investors. Mainly servicing the areas of Melbourne Metro and Country Victoria, Principal Jonathan Shepherd extended the company’s services and independent advice to the wider property market due to high client demand.

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